Raspberry Pi Session by IEEE SPS

Subject : Session on Raspberry Pi
Date             :     08th August 2018(Wednesday)
Venue             :    S5-S6 AEI classroom, College of Engineering, Trivandrum.
Time            :    4:15 pm to 5:30 pm
No of attendees         :    12
Spot Volunteers             :    Riya Santhosh, Manu, Akshay

This session held on August 08, 2018 had a turnout of 12 participants from various branches of CET. It began at 4:15 pm with Vaishnav of S5, EC handling the session. He gave a brief idea about Raspberry Pi in general, explaining the major components of a Raspberry Pi-3 board. Topics like how a novice can get started with Raspberry Pi and around ten use cases of the board were discussed. The participants of the session were introduced to using RPi as a Python notebook (Jupyter notebook)server with the aid of their smartphones. Several possibilities for Raspberry Pi based projects were discussed. The session ended around 5:30pm with a Q&A session.