OOPs Series by IEEE SPS

Subject : Session on Java Programming
Date             :     October 23rd 2018(Tuesday)
Venue             :    S7/S8 AE classroom, College of Engineering, Trivandrum.
Time            :    4:30 pm to 6:00pm
No of attendees         :    22
Spot Volunteers             :    Riya Santhosh, Akshay, Manu

This session held on October 23, 2018 had 22 participants from various branches of CET. It began at 4:30pm with Riya handling the session. She gave a brief explanation about basics of java , explaining important terms related to programming.This was followers by Devipriya of S7,AE covering topics pertaining to nuances of Java. The participants of the session showed great interest on the topic.The session ended around 6:00pm.