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Report on the talk session by IEEE SPS Kerala Chapter on “Applications of Digital Signal Processing” held at CET on 19.10.17

Date : 19th October 2017 (Thursday)
Venue : CETAA Hall, College of Engineering, Trivandrum.
Time : 4:15 pm to 5:20 pm
No of attendees : 40
Guest Speaker : Shri. B Ramani, Executive Director of CDAC Trivandrum
Spot Volunteers : Vignesh S, Riya Santhosh, Athul Krishna A, Vaishnav J

This session held on October 19, 2017 had a turnout of 40 participants from various colleges. It began at 4:15 pm with the welcome address by Prof. (Dr.) K.C Raveendranathan. This was followed by Shri. B Ramani addressing the gathering. He gave a brief idea of the work currently being carried out at Centre for Development of Advanced Computing and the prospects and opportunities of getting internships there.
He continued to elaborate on the wide spectrum of applications of digital signal processing, explaining how CDAC carries out several of them. Some of the applications mentioned include Vehicle mounted acoustic mine detection systems, acoustic vector sensor systems, a recent project of CDAC-Ultrasonic Diameter Measuring Systems, MRI processing, the multi SHARC board for strategic applications, Sonic Ultrasonic NDT systems, “TARANG”-a digital programmable hearing aid ;its applications and advantages, a 3D visualization tool SRISTI, seizure prevention systems etc. to mention a few.
Afterwards, the speaker was given a memento on behalf of the SPS Chapter IEEE SB CET as a token of respect and appreciation. This greatly interactive session came to an end by 5:20pm with everyone rising and standing in attention for the national anthem. Refreshments and certificates were provided to all participants.

Matlab Series -Session 1

Date: 3.08.17
Venue: EC Seminar Hall
No of participants:33
Class handled by:Vaishnav J
Spot Volunteers:Abhishek P,Athul Krishna A,Riya Santhosh

Report by Riya Santhosh

The first session on MATLAB conducted by the SPS chapter,IEEE SB CET had a turn out of around 30 students.Classes were handled by Vaishnav J of S5,EEE.The session was meant to be an introduction to MATLAB;its scope,applications etc.The greatly interactive session began at around 4:10pm and topics such as plotting and representation of several functions,functions included in the MATLAB package were covered.The software was also given out to all those who attended the session.The session ended by 6pm.


Report by Riya Santhosh

The Signal Processing Society of the IEEE Student Branch CET was formally inaugurated on April 20, 2017 during the Annual General Body Meeting of our student branch.

The inauguration function began at around 4:15 pm with everyone rising for the IEEE Code of Ethics. The PES Chapter Advisor, Mrs.Sreejaya gave the plenary speech wishing the SPS Chapter a fruitful year ahead. This was followed by a traditional lighting of the lamp ceremony by Mrs.Sreejaya and the new SPS execom members after which the chapter was declared to be officially inaugurated.

The IEEE SB CET Chair gave a message and the new execom members took charge. The ceremony ended around six, with tea and refreshments being provided to all attendees.

One Day Workshop on ARM processors

Date: 08.04.2017
No of attendees: 19
Session handled by: Sailakshmi PV,Ponnupriya PV,Sally Marion K
Spot Volunteers:Abhishek P,Vignesh S,Riya Santhosh

Report by: Riya Santhosh


This session held on April 8th 2017 with a turn out of 19 participants from various departments and years,began at 9:15am.It began with participants being given a brief introduction to ARM,RISC and the 8051 microcontroller series.A demonstration on how to code the mbedLPC1768 AND mbedLPC11U24 ARM processors was given, following which participants engaged in a hands on interactive session.The following programs were tried out by the attendees:


* Blinky

* Timeout

* Ticker

* Busout

* Interrupt

* Digital In

* Digital Out

* Busout using LED

* 7 segment displaying

The session came to an end at 1:00pm.