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Aura 2K16

Number of Participants : 100
Date : January 30


Aura 2k16 was a one day camp for freshers held on 30th January 2016 at ECE seminar hall CET. The event was to conducted as a networking opportunity for them.

Ice breaker session was handled by Pooja. There was session on game development by Gopi Krishnan (YP). During the ice breaker they were divided into groups and were asked to present a Skit on ‘Ideal University’. There was a networking lunch break. After that an infotainment treasure hunt was organized. They participated as the earlier formed team. The event ended with an ice cream party.

IEEE Orientation for First years

DATE – 20TH november 2015                                      Session by Ranjith r nair
Number of participants-150

An orientation session for first year students of the college was conducted to bring them into light of the benefits of IEEE membership. The session was handled by Mr. Ranjith R  Nair, MD Chairman IEEE Kerala. Students were acknowledged during the event about the benefits of being part of a technical society in common and how IEEE stands out among them. The session received good response from the students. The session was commented to be an inspirational one.


Android App Development workshop

DATE : 15TH November 2015
Number of participants : 56

The workshop was primarily aimed at introducing freshers to the world of Android App Development. Android app development requires a basic knowledge of Java, which was new to most of the participants. The one-day workshop started with a brief overview of the basics of Java including concepts like class, inheritance, interfaces, threads, etc. The morning session also included a hands-on session on java using net beans. The installation of the android IDE (Android Studio) was also done in parallel with this session.

The afternoon session started with an introduction to the Activity Lifecycle and the basic structure of an android application project.  The participants were guided through the development of a simple “Hello World!” App, following which two more apps were built to familiarize them with widgets like textviews, edittexts and buttons. The second app also served the purpose of introducing the participants to the concept of the Intent class and how to use it to switch activities. This was followed by a session on error detection using the adb logging provided by Android Studio.


IEEE DAY Celebrations

DATE – 6TH october 2015
Number of participants – 38

The IEEE day was celebrated in College of Engineering Trivandrum in a meaningful way. The event was conducted on 6th of October at the mechanical seminar hall in the college. The program was cut short due to some technical problems but was conducted in a decent manner. It comprised of a quiz program conducted for students of the SB. The event witnessed participation from 9 students who attended the quiz and the best two of them were selected to represent the SB in a link level quiz competition conducted at GEC Trissur. The quiz contained 30 questions out of which 10 were related to IEEE, another 10 related to current affairs and 10 more related to general knowledge. The entire program was supervised by Daniel James, Chairman Computer Society of the student branch.


Google App Engine Workshop

DATE-12TH September 2015
Number of participants-25

IEEE Computer Society CET chapter successfully conducted a half day workshop on Google app engine on 12th September. Three speakers from GDG Trivandrum presided over the session which included basics of python and flask and also a basic idea on how to host an app on app engine. The workshop witnessed a participation of 25 students from different SBs.


Xtreme awareness program and Training session

Date -17TH August 2015
Number of participants – 16

An awareness session was conducted for encouraging IEEE members to participate in IEEE Xtreme online coding competition. T. A training session was also conducted as part of the awareness program to familiarize participants to the online coding platform hackerrank.

A model question of moderate difficulty was given and discussed. Various factors about coding competitions like time complexity, space complexity etc. were also discussed