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Session on ATMEGA Microcontroller Architecture

Number of Participants : 65
Date : March 14
Organiser : IEEE RAS
Speaker : Tarun Satheesh, Chairman RAS CET Chapter 2015


The session on ATMEGA Microcontroller Architecture was conducted with the intention of getting the participants more acquainted with ATMEGA Microcontroller. The participants were mainly First years of CET.The session imparted knowledge on the architecture of ATMEGA microcontroller and its use in various robotics projects.

Session on Introduction to microcontrollers

Number of Participants : 118
Date : February 9
Organiser : IEEE RAS
Speaker : Tarun Satheesh, Chairman RAS CET Chapter 2015
Reported By : Gokul Krishna


The session on ‘Introduction to Microcontrollers’ was primarily planned to give students an introduction about microcontrollers and its varied application in robotics. The participants were mainly first years of CET. The session was conducted to give them an insight into how microcontrollers could potentially enhance the level of technical excellence of their work.


RAS Chapter of IEEE SB CET is conducting RoboXtreme 2015.
It consists of the following workshops :

1. ROS Workshop
An introduction to Robotics Operating System (ROS Software). How it can help in simulation of Robots. Highlighting the speaker for the session Lentin Joseph (CEO of Qbotics Labs).The various sessions involved during the workshop.
a) Introduction to Python basics.

b) Familiarization with ROS basics

c) Move into the software details

d) Simulate programs in ROS (Real environment experience)

e) Competition where each team will be given a common task.

2.Quad copter workshop

An introduction to the flight dynamics and modeling of quad rotors. The workshop will be conducted by RoboCET. The various sessions involved are:

a) Introduction to the basics of quad copter modeling

b) Equations involved in flight control and motion

c) Simulation of control system

d) Mechanical design and stability

e) Competition where each team will be given a common task.


A one day RAS Meet will also be conducted.


For more details :

CETEX 2015

As part of the year long Platinum Jubilee celebrations of the college, CET organized a five day long Technical Exhibition cum Open House – titled CETEX 2015. The public made use of this opportunity to familiarize with latest technologies and benefited much from this program. Students from numerous schools were brought to see the exhibition and were inspired to broaden their future horizons towards technical education.

IEEE made its fair share of contributions to the event. Taking charge of two rooms the students of IEEE were able to showcase their talents and explain to the public and the students about both engineering and IEEE. Various exhibits developed by the students as part of IEEE were presented such as the Infinity Mirror, Aliasing Effects, Electronic Minesweeper, Dance Dance Revolution and a Face Tracking Video graphic Robot.

Talk on “Improving the Quality of Life for Humanity via Humanitarian Robotics and Automation Technologies”

Participants: 50
Date : December 20, 2014
The recently introduced RAS Chapter of IEEE SB CET in association with IEEE Kerala Section RAS Chapter organized an interactive session on “Improving the Quality of Life for Humanity via Humanitarian Robotics and Automation Technologies” by Dr. Raj Madhavan. Dr. Raj Madhavan is an assistant research scientist with the Institute for Systems Research (ISR) and was a guest researcher with the Intelligent Systems Division of the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) through June 2013.Over the last decade, he has contributed to various topics in field robotics, systems and control theory. The session started with welcome address by Mr.Unni Sankar-IEEE Kerala Section Vice Chair and then Mr. Rejin Narayanan -IEEE RAS Kerala Section chair introduced our chief speaker of the lecture. The Keynote address delivered by Dr.Raj Madhavan was really inspiring for our young robotic enthusiasts who are keen in working especially in humanitarian field. The session dealt mainly with the potential of UAVs in being used for Search and Rescue Operations and such Humanitarian Causes.He encouraged engineering student to take up more humanitarian projects and to keep oneself updated on the latest technological advancements and ground breaking research in their areas of interest. The highly motivating session lasted for about two hours. The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr.Jisha V.R -IEEE RAS Chapter Advisor College of Engineering Trivandrum.

Event Volunteers: Chandykunju Alex, Aparna Sekhar.

Inauguration of IEEE Kerala Robotics and Automation Society



Inauguration IEEE Kerala Robotics and Automation Society were held on 3rd August 2014 at Trivandrum. The program begins with interaction session about future robotics in Kerala, and also shared each individual’s frustrations and dreams about Robotics Research field. Then the official inauguration ceremony was begin at 4:00PM with Welcome Speech by Srinivasan Ravindran, Chair – IEEE Kerala Section. And Inauguration was done by Mohammed Safirulla IAS, Director – Kerala State IT Mission, & Prof.Prahlad Vadakkepat, National University of Singapore. Then the ceremony was addressed by Mohammed Safirulla and Sabarinath Pillai, Secretary – IEEE Kerala Section. The road map of IEEE RAS Kerala section was elaborated by Rejin Narayanan, Chair – RAS Chapter, IEEE Kerala Section.The vote thanks was delivered by Shahim baker Secretary of IEEE RAS Kerala Section.

After the Inauguration session a lecture on robotics was taken by Prof.Prahlad Vadakkepat .Exhibition of robots from top colleges in Kerala –NIT Calicut, College of Engineering Trivandrum, TKMCE was one of the attraction of the program.