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Mock Placement 2016

Number of Participants : 55
Date : September 30, 2016

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The Mock Placement’16 was organised by IEEE SB CET for the second year students to expose them to the placement process and thus guide and equip them better for the campus recruitment. The preliminary round saw a footfall of 55 enthusiastic youngsters who were shorted down to 20 who moved on to the next round of group discussion. A variety of topics were discussed on and finally 10 competent contestants were selected for the final interview round conducted by fourth year IEEE members. Finally, Amrith M of Computer Science Department  and Dakshina of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation emerged the winners.

SPARK 2k16

Number of Participants : 200
Date : August 13, 2016

“Spark” 2016, aimed to “Inspire, Ignite and Innovate” the school students across the city, was conducted by IEEE SB CET, on August 13, at College of Engineering, Trivandrum. The event, which was conducted with an intention to introduce the students to the world of engineering and help them decide whether they should aspire to engineering, was the first of its kind in the city.



The inaugural session was graced by the presence of Mrs Srilakshmi, Computer Science HOD.  Shahjahan Sir, IEEE SB Councillor, Pooja, IEEE SB Chair were also present. The inaugural session commenced with the welcome speech by Pooja and IEEE code of ethics pledge, read out by Aarya. The presidential address was delivered by Mrs Srilakshmi. The inaugural session concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Shahjahan Sir.


The inaugural session was followed by a video presentation session handled by Kevin, Amrith and Saharsh. The participants were presented with various videos on aeronautics, robotics and artificial intelligence. Videos on automation, gaming and robotics opened up the world of technology to the students.


“Spark” 2016 was graced by the presence of Dr Babu Paul IAS, whose interactive session with the students followed. He started his session by pointing out the importance of mother tongue, Malayalam, and urged the students to be proud about being a Malayalee. He pointed out the importance of being systematic and requested the students to keep in touch with what’s happening all over the world, by reading newspapers.


The students were taken to the Heat Engines Workshop and Mechanical Workshop. Students were interested to see different types of engines, compressors and were curious to know about their working.


The participants were divided into groups of 10. There were 20 groups in total. A mentor was assigned to each group. The groups were given a set of clues. They had to solve each clue which led them to a particular location on the college campus which is spread across 120 acres.


In the end, the much awaited results of the Treasure Hunt were announced. The winners were presented with book coupons sponsored by H&C Bookstore, and Snickers, by Kiran Rajmohan, ex-CET IEEE SB Chair. All participants were provided with certificates and the event came to a conclusion.

IEEE Computer Society Weekly Sessions

Session 1

Number of participants : 50
Date : February 2
Topics Covered : Competitive Coding
Spot Volunteers : Daniel James, Kevin Joseph


The IEEE Computer Society weekly session  held on 2nd February 2016 was the first session of its kind for the freshers. They  were briefed on the vast multitudes of opportunities and benefits the IEEE Computer Society offered. The session was handled by Daniel James and Kevin Joseph.  The session mainly focused on competitive coding and  aimed at introducing students to the world of competitive coding.  Students were introduced to the online coding platform HackerRank. The session lasted for 2 hours and ended by 6 pm. Feedback was taken and decision was made to conduct a fully hands on follow up session.

Session 2

Date : February 2
No. of participants : 15
Topics Covered : Basic C++ commands and Flow of Control
Spot Volunteers : Balagopal U, Pooja M

The IEEE weekly session held on 2nd February 2016 was an introduction to the most versatile programming language CPP. The session was handled by Balagopal. The session started with an introduction to different syntaxes, commands and different  loops like if, while, do while and for. A live demo was also given. The session turned out to be very informative and knowledgeable to the attendees especially for those who were new to programming. The session came to an end by 6 pm. The feedback was amazing which included excellent reviews and request for more classes on CPP.

Session 3

Date : February 16
Number of participants : 40
Topics Covered : Competitive Coding with HackerRank
Spot Volunteers : Amal S. Raj, Sarathchandran S, Rohit , Aarya R. Shankar

The IEEE CS Weekly Session held on 16th February, 2016 focused on ‘Competitive Coding with Hackerrank’. The session was handled by Amal, Sarath, Rohit and Aarya. The session started with a brief discussion on algorithms and complexity. A brief description of Big O notation and it’s history followed. The students were introduced to Hackerrank, a famous site for hackers from all over the world to solve programming problems in different CS domains using any programming language. The students were taught how to use HackerRank. The four spot volunteers, who had expertise in one out of the 4 languages namely CPP, Python, C and Java did one program each as a demonstration. The session which saw a major participation from first year students helped them gain more idea on competitive coding. The hands on session boosted their confidence to take part in any coding competition.  

Session 4

Date : March 8
Number of participants : 39
Topics Covered : Scripting and Git
Spot Volunteers : Jayadeep K.M , Kevin Joseph, Balagpopal U, Pooja M

The IEEE CS weekly session held on 8th march 2016 was yet another good use of 2 hours
learning, inspiring and teaching. The session started with an  introduction to ‘git’ by Kevin
Joseph. Further explanations where carried out by Jayadeep and Kevin under the guidance of Balagopal  and Pooja. The concepts of ‘nodes’ and ‘commit’ were explained  next.
Hands on experience was promoted and the required codes and assistance were provided
to the students. More concepts of branch, merging, checkout, etc were taught. At the end,
Kevin gave a small introduction to ‘Google Applied CS ’ and gave all the students an idea
about the Camp that is going to be held at CET , to which almost every one showed great
enthusiasm . A feedback form was passed around, which showed great positive feedback.
By 6pm the session came to an end and everyone dispersed.

Session 5

Date : March 15
Number of participants : 39
Topics Covered : HTML and CSS
Spot Volunteers : Jayadeep K.M , Kevin Joseph, Balagpopal U, Mohammed Nisham, Vinod Kumar S


The IEEE CS weekly session held on 15th March 2016 focused on the basics of  Web Development. The session was handled by Jayadeep, Kevin, Vinod and Nisham under the guidance of Balagopal. The session started off with an introduction to HTML and some basic terms and terminologies. Basic tasks like changing background color, alignment, ordered and unordered lists, etc were taught. The concept of CSS was explained. It was a hands on session and students tried out what they learned.

Session 6

Date : March 17
Number of participants : 50
Topics Covered : HTML and Bootstrap
Spot Volunteers : JayadeepK.M , Kevin Joseph, Balagpopal U, Mohammed  Nisham, Vinod Kumar S

The IEEE CS weekly session held on 17th March 2016 was a continuation of Web Development series that was initiated on 15.03.2016. The session was handled by Jayadeep, Kevin, Vinod, Nisham and Balagopal. The session started with a recap of the previous session for those few people who had missed it.
During the session, students were introduced to the most popular web frontend design framework, Bootstrap. The Bootstrap grid system, responsive design guidelines and components were explained in detail.A live demo was also made within 15 mins using Bootstrap. The hands on session proved immensely beneficial to the attendees who were able to start building their own web sites.

Session on ATMEGA Microcontroller Architecture

Number of Participants : 65
Date : March 14
Organiser : IEEE RAS
Speaker : Tarun Satheesh, Chairman RAS CET Chapter 2015


The session on ATMEGA Microcontroller Architecture was conducted with the intention of getting the participants more acquainted with ATMEGA Microcontroller. The participants were mainly First years of CET.The session imparted knowledge on the architecture of ATMEGA microcontroller and its use in various robotics projects.

Computer Society India Symposium 2016 (CSIS)


Number of participants : 233
Date : February 27-28
Organisers : IEEE Computer Society India SAC
IEEE Computer Society CET Chapter

IEEE Computer Society India Symposium, the brainchild of IEEE Computer Society India SAC and  IEEE Computer Society CET Chapter, is an initiative by IEEE Computer Society students of College of Engineering, Trivandrum. This will be a flagship event of IEEE Computer Society India SAC and will be rotated among other sections of India in the coming years.

The IEEE Computer Society India Symposium 2016 focused on bringing together and improving the future activities of the different chapters of Computer Societies all over India. The event provided the students with opportunities to interact with the esteemed speakers and professionals of the field from the various multidisciplinary workshops and talks facilitating the identification, creation, capture and exchange of highly peer-reviewed scientific and technological knowledge.

Active participation from students from all over India was witnessed and the event proved to be above their expectations in terms of its quality and organization.


Section wise participation:

Kerala 114
Bangalore 26
Hyderabad 32
Pune 5
Bombay 13
Madras 43





Speaker : Prof. Lakshmi Narasimhan, Vice President at Srikar and Associates International, Founding Chair of IEEE Computer Society, Queensland Chapter, Inaugurating Chair of the International Conference series ICA3PP, Technical Member of ISO.




Speaker : Anoop John,Founder and CEO of ZYXWARE technologies




Speaker : Paramjeet Nagpal Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Intel Corporation




Speaker : Kiran Rajmohan, Analog Design Engineer at Texas Instruments




Speaker : Geo Jolly, Student Partner at Microsoft





Speaker: Pramode C E




Speaker : Prof Arunanand T A and Mr Suresh K




Speaker : Nithin R S



Session on Introduction to microcontrollers

Number of Participants : 118
Date : February 9
Organiser : IEEE RAS
Speaker : Tarun Satheesh, Chairman RAS CET Chapter 2015
Reported By : Gokul Krishna


The session on ‘Introduction to Microcontrollers’ was primarily planned to give students an introduction about microcontrollers and its varied application in robotics. The participants were mainly first years of CET. The session was conducted to give them an insight into how microcontrollers could potentially enhance the level of technical excellence of their work.