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IEEE Orientation for First years

DATE – 20TH november 2015                                      Session by Ranjith r nair
Number of participants-150

An orientation session for first year students of the college was conducted to bring them into light of the benefits of IEEE membership. The session was handled by Mr. Ranjith R  Nair, MD Chairman IEEE Kerala. Students were acknowledged during the event about the benefits of being part of a technical society in common and how IEEE stands out among them. The session received good response from the students. The session was commented to be an inspirational one.


Googly Quiz

Date : 16TH September, 2015
Number of participants : 38

Google quiz was conducted on 16 September 2015. The quiz was intended as the first program of IEEE ComSoc SB College of Engineering Trivandrum. The participants were required to cancel the questions specific time limit. However they were allowed to use Google to find the answers. The questions were accessed through the internet. The exercise was to show how hard finding specific information using Google is.

38 students attended the Quiz. There were 14 volunteers. The quiz was conducted in the MCA computer lab.



RAS Chapter of IEEE SB CET is conducting RoboXtreme 2015.
It consists of the following workshops :

1. ROS Workshop
An introduction to Robotics Operating System (ROS Software). How it can help in simulation of Robots. Highlighting the speaker for the session Lentin Joseph (CEO of Qbotics Labs).The various sessions involved during the workshop.
a) Introduction to Python basics.

b) Familiarization with ROS basics

c) Move into the software details

d) Simulate programs in ROS (Real environment experience)

e) Competition where each team will be given a common task.

2.Quad copter workshop

An introduction to the flight dynamics and modeling of quad rotors. The workshop will be conducted by RoboCET. The various sessions involved are:

a) Introduction to the basics of quad copter modeling

b) Equations involved in flight control and motion

c) Simulation of control system

d) Mechanical design and stability

e) Competition where each team will be given a common task.


A one day RAS Meet will also be conducted.


For more details :

How to Turn Your Idea into a Paper

The session began with Tarun Sathesh, Chairman, IEEE RAS CET chapter, introducing the Speaker, Rejin Narayanan, CEO INGEN Robotics and Chairman IEEE RAS, Kerala Section. Rejin, himself, has published numerous papers in international conferences across the globe.   An enlightening session about the procedure in publishing a paper, how conferences differ and how important publishing in the right conferences for the right reasons is, followed. The session showed us the right way forward to publishing a paper. The crowd had a chance to clear their doubts in the interactive session afterwards.  Activities concluded for the day after Hari Krishnan, Vice Chair, IEEE RAS CET chapter, delivered the vote of thanks.

Date: July 21, 2015
No. Of Participants: 72


Orientation for Fereshers

Participants: 210

Date           : 22 / 08 / 14

A much awaited event, the orientation program for freshers occurred on the 22nd of August at the EC S7 Classroom. It had a whooping turnout of over 210 students from Electronics, Electrical and Computer Science Departments. The program aimed at an informal interaction with the students to give them a sneak peek on what IEEE as an organization works towards and the innumerable benefits it has to offer its members. The crowd was addressed by Kiran Rajmohan, SB Chairman who introduced them to the work of IEEE in the regional, state, national and international levels. He shared his experiences about the numerous opportunities the IEEE community had to offer him and the international conferences and contests he has been a part of. He emphasized that while IEEE has much to offer, it is up to the students to utilize the facilities properly.

While IEEE by and large is a technical organization, it has much to offer for aspiring managers and business gurus of tomorrow. This was put across by Aparna Sekhar, WIE Chair. She stressed on the importance of effective communication and good interpersonal skills when you are part of a team. These ideas also found an echo in the words of Pooja M, ComSoc Chair.






Googly Quiz

Googly quiz was an online quiz conducted by IEEE SB CET. It was conducted on the 29th of August, from 12 noon to 2pm, at the Computer center, MCA department, CET. The event was aimed to be continuation of the orientation of freshers to IEEE and its various sub- branches, in this case the IEEE Communication Society. The overwhelming participation of over 100 students made the event a grand success.


Googly quiz , as the name suggests, involved a set of questions for which the participants could search Google for the answers. Such a format not only guaranteed active participation from students but also kindled in them an interest to learn about new topics. The questions were given in the form of slides in Google Slides. Students were asked to write the answers in a crossword puzzle which was provided beforehand. Everyone was given a time limit of 30 minutes to complete the quiz. Each question was awarded one mark and the one with maximum marks bagged the first prize of free IEEE membership worth Rs.1500.

Through this event, we were able to reach out to the 1st years and give them an idea about what IEEE and its Communication Society do and how being well informed about latest technologies helps us as future engineers.

Event Volunteers: Govind, Unnikrishnan, Pooja M, Harikrishnan P.