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Version Control workshop

Date – 4TH AUGUST 2015
Number of participants – 10

A Version Control workshop was conducted for IEEE members of CET. The participants were familiarized with version control system and GIT. Github was used for this purpose. All participants were made account on and made a central repository for all. Git was installed locally on every participant’s machine and basic commands like add, commit etc. were practiced locally. After the remote git is set up, all the participants collaborated on the central repository to learn how git actually works. During the session, we also discussed how open source projects works using git and how we can contribute to them.


Python Workshop

Date  : 18 july 2015
Number of participants : 10

A python workshop was conducted for IEEE Members of CET. The session gave the participants a basic idea on how to write a program in python. The session included the difference between python and other programing languages, about how it deals with data types, definition of classes and functions, data structures like list and tuple etc.


Web Development Workshop





Participants: 20

Date : 20/02/15

A two day workshop was conducted by IEEE Computer Society SB-CET aimed at sparking an interest in web development amongst the participants. The participants were introduced to basic concepts of javascript, php, HTML and CSS. The class also went over how to handle and integrate databases in with the designed websites. The importance of styling and tips regarding designing the user interface of websites was also covered in these sessions.

Event Volunteers: Pranav Raj, Balagopal U, Jaydeep K M


Photoshop Workshop

Participants: 30

Date : 01/02/15

Students from various branches were taught the basics of using Photoshop and how to make professional posters using the same. A trial version of Photoshop c6 was provided to all the participants using which the posters were developed. A total of 10 individual posters were created as a result of the workshop.

Event Volunteers: Balagopal U, Nisham K.


KODERS – Coding Competition

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Participants: 45

Date : 05/02/15

Koders was a coding competition for first years conducted on January 5-6, 2015, organized by 2nd year CS students. The competition was aimed at familiarizing freshers with competitive programming in C and C++. The first round was a theory based round that witnessed participation of 45 students. They were tested on their skill,s on C++ theory, finding output, program debugging and writing raw code.  Based on their scores in the first round 15 students were short listed to participate in final round. The final round was a programming round which was further divided into 4 sub-levels aimed at testing the finalists on various tasks involved in programming.

Volunteers: Jayadeep K.M, Daniel James, Kevin Joseph


CETEX 2015

As part of the year long Platinum Jubilee celebrations of the college, CET organized a five day long Technical Exhibition cum Open House – titled CETEX 2015. The public made use of this opportunity to familiarize with latest technologies and benefited much from this program. Students from numerous schools were brought to see the exhibition and were inspired to broaden their future horizons towards technical education.

IEEE made its fair share of contributions to the event. Taking charge of two rooms the students of IEEE were able to showcase their talents and explain to the public and the students about both engineering and IEEE. Various exhibits developed by the students as part of IEEE were presented such as the Infinity Mirror, Aliasing Effects, Electronic Minesweeper, Dance Dance Revolution and a Face Tracking Video graphic Robot.