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Session on Communication Protocols and Linux Networking Tools

A session was conducted by the Communication Society on Communication Protocols and Linux Networking Tools. It was conducted on 12th October, 2017 and saw a participation of 25 students. The session covered the various rules and syntaxes to be followed in communication. The session also covered networking using Linux. Topics covered included introduction to computer networks, concept of abstraction and implementation, network layers and its working, and linux network tools and the protocols used. Demonstration of some Linux tools were also shown. Classes were handled by Vishnu S Nair, Goutam B and Bharath Kartha A.

Session on Internet of Things

A session on Internet of Things was conducted by the Communication Society on 21st August,2017. An introductory level session, it covered the very basics of IoT and how to get started. Topics covered were introduction to IoT, introduction to NodeMCU, programming the NodeMCU and Thingspeak. There was also a demonstration of remote control using NodeMCU and Thingspeak. 85 students that attended the session were familiarised with the basics of IoT. Classes were handled by Goutam B, Vishnu S Nair, Bharath Kartha A and Parvathy S Nair.


Number of Participants : 20
Date : January 28
Organiser : IEEE COMSOC
Reported By : Adarsh

A talk on antenna applications in ham radio was conducted at CET on 28th January 2016in association with Radio Amateur Society of Ananthapuri (RASA). The talk was delivered by Vishnu Prasad A, a member of RASA. The talk dealt with various aspects that needed to be taken into consideration during the design of an antenna to ensure optimum performance while taking into consideration bandwidth and power constraints. The talk was organized with the objective of providing a practical perspective on antenna design and is aimed to help the participants apply theory to practical situations better. The topic was chosen keeping in mind the focus on Ham radio and the presence of antenna based topics in our academic syllabus.

Ham Live Demo

The event started with a welcome speech from the communication society chair. This was followed by a session by the members of Radio Amateur society of Ananthapuri (RASA), Joseph Daniel and Shaju. They started off with a general introduction on ham radio, Morse code and the relevance of ham radio in the modern world where a variety of communication options are available.
A brief explanation of the steps to take and the tips and tricks to follow for the exams to obtain the ham radio license were given. A live demonstration was carried out and we were able to contact a ham operator living in Attingal.
The audience were keen on asking doubts and so were the guests on clearing them. 15 students participated in the session including those who will be appearing for the examination on the 31st of July 2015. The session was concluded with a vote of thanks by the secretary of communication society, SBCET.

Date: July 20, 2015
No. Of Participants: 20


Googly Quiz

Googly quiz was an online quiz conducted by IEEE SB CET. It was conducted on the 29th of August, from 12 noon to 2pm, at the Computer center, MCA department, CET. The event was aimed to be continuation of the orientation of freshers to IEEE and its various sub- branches, in this case the IEEE Communication Society. The overwhelming participation of over 100 students made the event a grand success.


Googly quiz , as the name suggests, involved a set of questions for which the participants could search Google for the answers. Such a format not only guaranteed active participation from students but also kindled in them an interest to learn about new topics. The questions were given in the form of slides in Google Slides. Students were asked to write the answers in a crossword puzzle which was provided beforehand. Everyone was given a time limit of 30 minutes to complete the quiz. Each question was awarded one mark and the one with maximum marks bagged the first prize of free IEEE membership worth Rs.1500.

Through this event, we were able to reach out to the 1st years and give them an idea about what IEEE and its Communication Society do and how being well informed about latest technologies helps us as future engineers.

Event Volunteers: Govind, Unnikrishnan, Pooja M, Harikrishnan P.