An interactive session with the students of Govt. VHSS Girls School Thiruvallam aimed at the technical upliftment of girl students on 25th February 2019

Date : 25th February, 2019
Venue : Govt. VHSS Girls School, Thiruvallam
Time : 13:30 – 15:30
Societies Involved : PES, WIE
Number of Participants : 50
Executive Committee Members Present : 5


Power and Energy Society (PES) and Women in Engineering (WIE) chapters of IEEE SB CET conducted a technical awareness and women in engineering class for the 9th graders of Govt. VHSS Girls School, Thiruvallam on the 25th of February from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. The class was taken by 4 members of CET ( Abhijith V Kamal [S4,EEE], Hamna Sunil [S4,EEE], Sinta Jacob [S4,AEI] and Akhila Krishna [S4,CSE]). They focused on how technology is important and how it is changing and the role women will play in all these changes. It had equal parts of presentations and interactive sessions. All these sessions were well received and the programme as a whole was good.