IEEE CS – IEEE Xtreme Practice 1

 The IEEE Computer Society held its weekly session on August 8th 2017. The prime event of the session, the IEEEXtreme Coding Practice, was handled by Nirmal.        Participants of the coding practice were made to sign up on HackerRank to take the contest. There were a set of 7 questions, that were either of easy or medium difficulty level, prepared by Nirmal. The students keenly tried cracking the problems. Some of the senior IEEE members helped the students throughout the contest. The coding practice lasted for about an hour. The solutions of each question were explained and doubts were cleared. The main aim of the session was to introduce the students to the various strategies of coding competitions for cracking even the toughest of problems. This was satisfactorily fulfilled within the 2 hour session.

Before concluding, the general rules and procedures of programming competitions like the IEEEXtreme were discussed. The session drew to a close at around 6.15pm.