IEEE CS – Data Science Essentials

The IEEE Computer Society together with FOSS CELL CET, held its weekly session on 2nd August 2017. The session on Data Science Essentials was handled by Amrith.

Jupyter Notebook and Python Pandas were introduced in a broad level as essential tools for data handling. Students were made to install Jupyter Notebook and also taught to run and edit the notebook documents in the browser during the hands-on session. Converting lists and documents to series and accessing the data was one of the key topics. The importance of NumPy and vectorization was also discussed. The Series and DataFrame, two data structures in Pandas, were introduced. Extracting data from .csv files, indexing them, and many commands on dataframes like drop, loc, iloc, copy etc were also taught to the students.

As the session drew to a close, an introduction to the “IEEEXtreme – 24 hours global programming contest” was given by Jayasoorya. The rules of the competition and a brief idea on the participation procedure, including registration were explained by him and Megha. The session came to an end by 6pm. The feedback on the day’s session was collected from the attendees.