Basics of C++ programming


The first session of IEEE WIE was held on 19 th April,2017.The session which was open for all, was on
the basics of C++ programming.C++ is an object oriented programming language which is highly
portable and is often the language of choice for multi-device,multi-platform app development.The
session which had a count of ten participants was started off by Megha Ben and continued by
Amrith. The session was begun with a “Why C++?”question following which the importance of the
language was explained.Programming basics like data types,functions,decision making and looping
were explained.
The session had Aishwarya Shankar,Dakshinaa and Sailakshmi as on spot volunteers.The session
which began at 4:30pm concluded at 6:00pm.The session garnered positive reviews with the
participants requesting for successive sessions.Plans for follow-up sessions are underway.