IEEE CS – Git And Version Control

IEEE Computer Society CET Chapter and FOSS Cell CET jointly hosted a hands-on session on Version Control and Git on 18th April 2017. The session focussed on familiarising the attendees with GitHub and its access via terminal. The class was handled by Amrith and Sarathchandran with the help of on spot volunteers, who helped the attendees with their doubts and enquires.

The attendees were given instructions on checking the version of Git, installing git and creating  a GitHub account.  Step by step tutorial on how to create a Git repository and a local repository via terminal were given, and was shown via projector as well, so they could follow without hassle. They were introduced to basic commands of Git like git init, git add, git commit etc… The session included explanations of various function of Git such as push, pull, forking, branching, collaborate etc.  Demonstration of cloning, forking and branching were given.

The session came to an end by 6 pm. Feedback was collected from the attendees.