IEEE CS – Algorithmists v/s Developers and Year Plan Presentation


The IEEE CS Weekly Session held on 11th of April was the first one of the year 2017. The session, which had non-IEEE members as well, was to a give a basic introduction to the new members about the differences and characteristics of Algorithmists and Developers. An introduction to the vision and mission of the Computer society also was given to the attendees.

The session was handled by Balagopal, Amrith and Nirmal. Balagopal began the session by giving a thought-provoking problem based on corner detection. It was an interactive session in which he explained the systematic approach to solve the problem and need for algorithmists. He also mentioned the areas where we apply topics like Fourier transformation in computer science and need for in-depth knowledge of such topics.

The baton was handed over to Nirmal, who explained various ways to improve coding skills. He mentioned about websites like hackerrank and hackerearth that provides a platform for practising coding. He also emphasized on various courses like machine learning, which is a hot area, and websites like coursera, which provides these courses with certification.

Amrith introduced the attendees to future plans of Computer Society chapter and briefly described the topics that would be covered in the upcoming sessions. A discussion on deep learning and planned projects followed.

The session came to an end by 6. Suggestions from the attendees for planning upcoming sessions were taken. Feedback on the session was collected from the attendees.