One Day Workshop on ARM processors

Date: 08.04.2017
No of attendees: 19
Session handled by: Sailakshmi PV,Ponnupriya PV,Sally Marion K
Spot Volunteers:Abhishek P,Vignesh S,Riya Santhosh

Report by: Riya Santhosh


This session held on April 8th 2017 with a turn out of 19 participants from various departments and years,began at 9:15am.It began with participants being given a brief introduction to ARM,RISC and the 8051 microcontroller series.A demonstration on how to code the mbedLPC1768 AND mbedLPC11U24 ARM processors was given, following which participants engaged in a hands on interactive session.The following programs were tried out by the attendees:


* Blinky

* Timeout

* Ticker

* Busout

* Interrupt

* Digital In

* Digital Out

* Busout using LED

* 7 segment displaying

The session came to an end at 1:00pm.