KODERS : Coding competition for Freshers

Number of participants : 100
Date : February 3,4 2016
Organizer : IEEE Computer Society Chapter
Spot Volunteers : Manu Maheshwar, Sreesankar, Rahul Suresh, Amalnath E.G, Aksa Elizabeth Sunny


Koders is the annual coding competition conducted by IEEE Computer Society for the freshers  in the college. The competition was held in two stages at Computer Science Department.

  • Prelims: Held on 3rd February 2016

The first round was offline, in which students were given a set of 20 questions, which included finding errors and outputs of code snippets, writing codes etc., based on their preferred language from among C, CPP, Java, and Python .10 finalists were selected from the prelims.

  • Finals: Held on 4th February 2016
    The finals held at the Programming Lab of the CS Department saw the 10 finalists trying their best to emerge the winners. There were 4 rounds in total. Each round had questions testing different skills expected from a programmer. The competition was closely fought and in the end three participants came on top to bag the cash prizes of 500,300 and 200 rupees respectively.

The winners:
1. Nayana B (S2 AE)
2. Jilvin Jacob (S2 CS)
3. Rohit Damodaran (S2 EC)