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Aura 2K16

Number of Participants : 100
Date : January 30


Aura 2k16 was a one day camp for freshers held on 30th January 2016 at ECE seminar hall CET. The event was to conducted as a networking opportunity for them.

Ice breaker session was handled by Pooja. There was session on game development by Gopi Krishnan (YP). During the ice breaker they were divided into groups and were asked to present a Skit on ‘Ideal University’. There was a networking lunch break. After that an infotainment treasure hunt was organized. They participated as the earlier formed team. The event ended with an ice cream party.


Number of Participants : 20
Date : January 28
Organiser : IEEE COMSOC
Reported By : Adarsh

A talk on antenna applications in ham radio was conducted at CET on 28th January 2016in association with Radio Amateur Society of Ananthapuri (RASA). The talk was delivered by Vishnu Prasad A, a member of RASA. The talk dealt with various aspects that needed to be taken into consideration during the design of an antenna to ensure optimum performance while taking into consideration bandwidth and power constraints. The talk was organized with the objective of providing a practical perspective on antenna design and is aimed to help the participants apply theory to practical situations better. The topic was chosen keeping in mind the focus on Ham radio and the presence of antenna based topics in our academic syllabus.


Number of Participants : 32
Date : January 5,6
Societies Involved : IEEE Consumer Electronics Society
IEEE Computer Society.

The IEEE International Workshop on Internet of Things and Smart Cities (IW-IoTSC) was held at College of Engineering Trivandrum from January 5 to 6 January 2016. It was a 2 day technical workshop which introduced participants to the intricacies of the IoT devices.This was followed by a Rapid Prototyping Session to provide a hands on experience for the participants.The event was held in association with Future Tech Labs.


To bring together key players in IoT and Smart City domains into a platform to examine key and critical innovations in IoT and Smart City initiatives.

Targeted Audience

  1. Junior Researchers.
  2. Industry Professionals
  3. Academicians
  4. Decision making Government
  5. OfficialsStudents


The event started on January 5,2016 and had participants joining in from around the country.There was also a provision for international participants to join in through Remote Participation as webinar.



  • Introduction to Internet of Things and Smart Cities


Speaker:Soumya Kanti Datta- Research Engineer in Eurecom, France and a Co-Founder of Future Tech Lab


  • The IoT Standardization Conundrum: The Way Forward


Speaker: Vishwas Lakkundi- Technical Architect at Altiux Innovations India


  • Keynote by Thinagaran Perumal


Speaker:Thinagaran Perumal- Assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia


  • Keynote Speech by Nahum D. Gershon


Speaker:Nahum D. Gershon- Principal Scientist at The MITRE Corp


  • Talk by Dhananjay Singh


Speaker: Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics Engineering at Hankuk (Korea) University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), South Korea


  • Keynote Speech by Roberto Minerva


Speaker: Chairman, IEEE Internet of Things Initiative


  • Panel Discussion on IoT and Smart Cities
  • Rapid Prototyping Session