Android App Development workshop

DATE : 15TH November 2015
Number of participants : 56

The workshop was primarily aimed at introducing freshers to the world of Android App Development. Android app development requires a basic knowledge of Java, which was new to most of the participants. The one-day workshop started with a brief overview of the basics of Java including concepts like class, inheritance, interfaces, threads, etc. The morning session also included a hands-on session on java using net beans. The installation of the android IDE (Android Studio) was also done in parallel with this session.

The afternoon session started with an introduction to the Activity Lifecycle and the basic structure of an android application project.  The participants were guided through the development of a simple “Hello World!” App, following which two more apps were built to familiarize them with widgets like textviews, edittexts and buttons. The second app also served the purpose of introducing the participants to the concept of the Intent class and how to use it to switch activities. This was followed by a session on error detection using the adb logging provided by Android Studio.