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Googly Quiz

Date : 16TH September, 2015
Number of participants : 38

Google quiz was conducted on 16 September 2015. The quiz was intended as the first program of IEEE ComSoc SB College of Engineering Trivandrum. The participants were required to cancel the questions specific time limit. However they were allowed to use Google to find the answers. The questions were accessed through the internet. The exercise was to show how hard finding specific information using Google is.

38 students attended the Quiz. There were 14 volunteers. The quiz was conducted in the MCA computer lab.


Google App Engine Workshop

DATE-12TH September 2015
Number of participants-25

IEEE Computer Society CET chapter successfully conducted a half day workshop on Google app engine on 12th September. Three speakers from GDG Trivandrum presided over the session which included basics of python and flask and also a basic idea on how to host an app on app engine. The workshop witnessed a participation of 25 students from different SBs.



RAS Chapter of IEEE SB CET is conducting RoboXtreme 2015.
It consists of the following workshops :

1. ROS Workshop
An introduction to Robotics Operating System (ROS Software). How it can help in simulation of Robots. Highlighting the speaker for the session Lentin Joseph (CEO of Qbotics Labs).The various sessions involved during the workshop.
a) Introduction to Python basics.

b) Familiarization with ROS basics

c) Move into the software details

d) Simulate programs in ROS (Real environment experience)

e) Competition where each team will be given a common task.

2.Quad copter workshop

An introduction to the flight dynamics and modeling of quad rotors. The workshop will be conducted by RoboCET. The various sessions involved are:

a) Introduction to the basics of quad copter modeling

b) Equations involved in flight control and motion

c) Simulation of control system

d) Mechanical design and stability

e) Competition where each team will be given a common task.


A one day RAS Meet will also be conducted.


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