Debian workshop


The IEEE WIE CET Chapter in association with Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE), organized a workshop on “The Universal Operating System: Debian”

Debian is a free operating system working on Linux kernel which came into existence as an outcome of the revolutionary ideas in the world of computing to make software free and sharable, in 1993. With the session, Mr Arun M coordinator of SPACE took the attendees through the history of open source software, the need for free software, an overview of GNU project, Linux and importance of Debian and its difference from the rest of the operating systems. He gave a demonstration on “How to install Debian Operating System?” by installing the same on one of the attendees laptops. Finally, he parted the attendees with two CDs containing Debian Operating System software and presented an interest to conduct a Debian Installation festival in the college later.The workshop proved to be a very fruitful and eye-opening one in creating an awareness about free software, Debian in particular and instill confidence to use them among the youth.image40