11 Reasons why i will never hire you – A talk by Arjun R Pillai

Arjun R Pillai, Vice Chair, Products & Services IEEE Young Professional conducted a session on the topic “11 reasons why I would not hire you “. As the title suggests the topic deals with how companies do their recruiting and how we as potential recruits should be facing the interview board. The session started with a small talk on RESUME. The speaker spoke at length about how a professional resume should look like. That it should be short and to the point. Then he went on to speak about the common mistakes made by candidates appearing in the interview like not asking questions to the interviewer, not dressing up well, avoiding eye contact with the interviewer, not presenting yourself to the interview board well etc. He then talked about the importance of doing an internship. He mentioned that out of all the resumes that an interviewer receives those with internship really stand out among the crowd. In the end came Hand Shakes. He stressed on the importance that handshakes have in interviews. He brought out one person from the audience and shook hands with him. He then talked about how a handshake should be and how important it is.

Date: July 24, 2015                                                      Session by : Arjun R Pillai
No. Of Participants: 20