Ham Live Demo

The event started with a welcome speech from the communication society chair. This was followed by a session by the members of Radio Amateur society of Ananthapuri (RASA), Joseph Daniel and Shaju. They started off with a general introduction on ham radio, Morse code and the relevance of ham radio in the modern world where a variety of communication options are available.
A brief explanation of the steps to take and the tips and tricks to follow for the exams to obtain the ham radio license were given. A live demonstration was carried out and we were able to contact a ham operator living in Attingal.
The audience were keen on asking doubts and so were the guests on clearing them. 15 students participated in the session including those who will be appearing for the examination on the 31st of July 2015. The session was concluded with a vote of thanks by the secretary of communication society, SBCET.

Date: July 20, 2015
No. Of Participants: 20