SIGHT Project Funding 2015

SIGHT Project Funding 2015 – Call For Proposals
Seed funding
The IEEE SIGHT Steering Committee is inviting applications for project funding support. SIGHT groups? major goal is to create opportunities for members to devote time and talents to humanitarian work consistent with IEEE?s Constitution to ?bring the benefits of technology to the entire world.?

We will support a wide range of projects depending on the problems that a SIGHT is trying to address. Projects guideline outlines the scope and provides more information on the nature of projects. The level of funding support has been between USD $500 to USD $20,000.

1) Projects guideline – READ FIRST

Hands around the world
1) Application Deadline:  May 15
Decision:  June 15
2) Application Deadline:  July 15
Decision:  August 15
3) Application Deadline:  September 15
Decision:  October 15
Holly Schneider Brown
Staff Lead and Program Manager,