24 Hour Hackathon

A 24 hour hackathon was held at CET starting on 26th March 2015 at 4pm. The aim of the hackathon was to enhance the skills on backend web development. There were around 10 participants. During the hackathon, the participants were familiarized with Web development and CMS based on Python Django. About 4-5 Apps were developed during the hackathon. Participants collaborated through github repositories and some of the apps were published as open source. The first hour was spent to install the necessary software and setup for the hackathon. In the next 4-6 hours participants were familiarized themselves with basic concepts of MVC (Model View Controller) Structure of a web backend, Object oriented programming in python and front-end based on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework. We’ve also discussed about different types of servers, ports, types of frameworks etc. before beginning the actual coding.

Date : 25th March 2015
No. Of Participants : 10