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24 Hour Hackathon

A 24 hour hackathon was held at CET starting on 26th March 2015 at 4pm. The aim of the hackathon was to enhance the skills on backend web development. There were around 10 participants. During the hackathon, the participants were familiarized with Web development and CMS based on Python Django. About 4-5 Apps were developed during the hackathon. Participants collaborated through github repositories and some of the apps were published as open source. The first hour was spent to install the necessary software and setup for the hackathon. In the next 4-6 hours participants were familiarized themselves with basic concepts of MVC (Model View Controller) Structure of a web backend, Object oriented programming in python and front-end based on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework. We’ve also discussed about different types of servers, ports, types of frameworks etc. before beginning the actual coding.

Date : 25th March 2015
No. Of Participants : 10


Photoshop Workshop

Participants: 30

Date : 01/02/15

Students from various branches were taught the basics of using Photoshop and how to make professional posters using the same. A trial version of Photoshop c6 was provided to all the participants using which the posters were developed. A total of 10 individual posters were created as a result of the workshop.

Event Volunteers: Balagopal U, Nisham K.


KODERS – Coding Competition

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Participants: 45

Date : 05/02/15

Koders was a coding competition for first years conducted on January 5-6, 2015, organized by 2nd year CS students. The competition was aimed at familiarizing freshers with competitive programming in C and C++. The first round was a theory based round that witnessed participation of 45 students. They were tested on their skill,s on C++ theory, finding output, program debugging and writing raw code.  Based on their scores in the first round 15 students were short listed to participate in final round. The final round was a programming round which was further divided into 4 sub-levels aimed at testing the finalists on various tasks involved in programming.

Volunteers: Jayadeep K.M, Daniel James, Kevin Joseph


Orientation for Fereshers

Participants: 210

Date           : 22 / 08 / 14

A much awaited event, the orientation program for freshers occurred on the 22nd of August at the EC S7 Classroom. It had a whooping turnout of over 210 students from Electronics, Electrical and Computer Science Departments. The program aimed at an informal interaction with the students to give them a sneak peek on what IEEE as an organization works towards and the innumerable benefits it has to offer its members. The crowd was addressed by Kiran Rajmohan, SB Chairman who introduced them to the work of IEEE in the regional, state, national and international levels. He shared his experiences about the numerous opportunities the IEEE community had to offer him and the international conferences and contests he has been a part of. He emphasized that while IEEE has much to offer, it is up to the students to utilize the facilities properly.

While IEEE by and large is a technical organization, it has much to offer for aspiring managers and business gurus of tomorrow. This was put across by Aparna Sekhar, WIE Chair. She stressed on the importance of effective communication and good interpersonal skills when you are part of a team. These ideas also found an echo in the words of Pooja M, ComSoc Chair.






Best Fresher 2015

Best Fresher 2015 was a two week long event for first years from CET. The entire competition consisted of four rounds where the candidates were shortlisted down to five finalists. The rounds included ice breaking sessions, Group Discussions, ADZAP, Shipwreck and idea presentations. The competition was conducted mostly by very active volunteers from 2nd and 3rd year.

Date : 3rd March 2015
No. Of Participants : 50



Participants: 45

Date : 11 / 02 / 15

A much needed talent for all engineering students alike is resume writing. Whether it be a job seeker or an aspirant for higher studies a resume is mandatory. Kiran Rajmohan, IEEE SB Chair, put forward his thoughts and shared his experiences on how to cook up the perfect resume. Providing the participants with guidelines and assistance with their resumes, this program was aimed exclusively for pre final year students from all branches alike. The event included showcasing of real resumes as examples and included a scrutiny and analysis on what to and not to do while writing a resume..