WIE Group Discussions

Week 2 – GD Session (08/08/14)

Turnout – Over 10 students
Duration -Three quarters of an hour
Moderator – Aparna, Nisha

Topics discussed:
1) Surrogacy- Where should the line be drawn?
2) To infinity and beyond
3) Does India need a common language?
4) Israel-Palestine Conflict ( Topic researched and spoken by Harikrishnan
of S3 AE)
While the turnout for the second session was less, the students actively participated in the discussions. The audience gave suggestions to each group members on how to improve the discussions further. The event became more interactive with members encouraging each other to speak out their points. Thus it saw the sessions turn into a collective effort by students to help one another hone their soft skills.

Event Volunteers : Nisha Mariam, Aparna Sekhar, Lakshmi Jayalal, Harikrishnan..