CODESTREAK coding event report

Venue: Prelims: EC Seminar Hall

               Finals: Programming Lab


Participants:     60


As part of the IEEE Best fresher competition, IEEE CS CET conducted “CodeStreak”, a C/C++ coding event. The aim of the event was to identify the best incoming student in coding in order to encourage them to improve their coding skills in the future and to make them a part of the core technical team in the college, right from the start.

A written preliminary test was conducted of which 6 finalists were chosen. The finalists were given problems that involved lateral thinking and had applications to the real-world. All the finalists performed brilliantly and most of them solved all the problems within the stipulated time. The winners were chosen by judging on the efficiency of the code, output obtained, optimizations done and documentation of the code.

The winners of the event were: Revathy (CS) and Aswin PJ (EC).