Dance Dance Revolution Event report

As part of the national level cultural fest Dhwani, IEEE SB CET conducted an informal event, Dance Dance Revolution. The event required participants to  take dance steps according to the steps calculated from the beat pattern of a song. The pattern will be shown in sync with the song being played and the player is scored automatically according to the actions of the player. Dance Dance Revolution was a true

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crowd puller with over 70 participants and lots of audience all through the 3 days of Dhwani. Many of the participants also opted for replays. The success of the event is owing to the hard work and dedication shown by our IEEE volunteers Anand Reghunathan,Muhammed Shabaz, Ashwin Suresh, Gopika G Kumar, Aparna Sekhar, Neetha , Nisha Chander, Parvathy and Kiran Rajmohan,  who worked meticulously, day and night. The volunteers showed true team work and engineering spirit in designing,implementing and configuring the hardware and software for the production of the steps from the songs and for the detection of the player’s actions. The event honed the engineering skills of the volunteers while immersing them in the spirit of a cultural fest.