College of Engineering, Trivandrum Chapter

Inauguration Report

History was made on 17th July, 2012 when IEEE Computer Society CET chapter was inaugurated by Dr. Seyed Hossein Moussavinezhad, Ph. D., Professor, Dept. Of Electrical Engineering, Idaho State University in the presence of Dr. Gopakumar, principal, CET, Mr. Unni Sankar, Vice chairman, IEEE Computer Society Kerala Section, Miss Deepthi Anna George, Region 10 Student Ambassador for IEEE Computer Society and Dr Suresh Kumar, Branch Councillor, IEEE SB CET.

The function began with a welcome speech by the chapter councillor Dr. Rajasree M. S. , Professor, Dept Of Computer Science and Engineering, CET. She welcomed Dr. Gopakumar, principal, CET; Dr. Seyed Hossein Moussavinezhad, Professor, Idaho State University, Mrs.Ajeena Beegom, HOD, Dept Of Computer Science and Engineering, CET, the faculty members and the students to the occasion. Her speech on the Computer Society and the CET chapter showed her tremendous support and her keen interest in being a mentor to the chapter.

Then Dr. Gopakumar, principal, CET delivered the presidential address. Dr. Gopakumar took pride in being associated with IEEE ever since he was a student and extended his support to IEEE CS CET chapter that was being brought into the campus of CET with the promise of taking CET to the peak in the field of computing. He encouraged the chapter to conduct activities, workshops and contests that would reach out to the students and bring out the best in them.

Then arrived the auspicious time to formally inaugurate the  IEEE Computer Society CET chapter. The chief guest Dr. Seyed H Moussavinezhad was called upon to the dias to do the honours. The members of the chapter were not for a conventional inauguration. They ensured that the inauguration ceremony stood out and so they had come up with a novel idea of inaugurating the chapter the computer way. Using flash and powerpoint softwares, Mr. Ajith S had created a wonderful animation. And on the click of the ‘INAUGURATE” button by Dr. Seyed H. Moussavinezhad, a virtual lamp was lighted. This was followed by a virtual curtain raiser to the Chapter Stone. Dr. Moussavinezhad then gave the inaugural message. He was extremely happy to have been called upon to inaugurate the computer society CET chapter. Dr. Seyed briefed about the significance and achievements of the IEEE Computer Society and its relevance to the student community in the modern times. He wished IEEE computer Society CET chapter the very best in all its endeavours.

After that, Mr. Unni Sankar, Vice chairman, IEEE Computer Society, Kerala Section was invited to address the gathering. He congratulated the student branch for their initiative. He promised the full support of IEEE Computer Society, Kerala Section in the way ahead. He then went on to talk about how IEEE Computer Society is changing the face of computer science field worldwide and how we can benefit from being a part of this group of technology leaders. His inspirational and thoughtful words were greeted by loud applauses from the assembled crowd.

One man’s vision can ignite a revolution. It was Mr. Rahul R who envisioned the computer society in the campus of CET. With his directions and the passion of a strong team, the chapter was successfully initiated in CET. Mr. Rahul R, the chairman of the chapter, then came forward and explained the society benefits to the audience. He also read out the activity calender for the next half year.

The inaugural session concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Rejin Jose.


Next, the gathering took a short tea-break. The students used this opportunity to meet Dr. Seyed Hossein Moussavinezhad in person, ask their technical doubts and collect his autograph. After the tea break, the crowd of 150 odd people gathered back at the auditorium. Everyone was eagerly waiting for Dr. Moussavinezhad to bring his charm to the stage.


Dr. Moussavinezhad began his talk by playing two videos to grab the attention of the audience. Dr. S. H. Moussavinezhad then started with introduction to Intelligent Systems. Then he examined the necessity of information in modern day. He briefed about various information systems available now and their pros and cons. He explained the different aspects of Artificial Intelligence. He then talked on the challenges on intelligent information systems and offered solutions to some of them.

Dr. Seyed Moussavinezhad then answered many questions put up by the audience with perfect detail. He also asked the students about their projects and offered new ideas.

The whole audience was impressed with the talk by Dr. Moussavinezhad.


After the technical talk concluded, a memento was presented to Dr. Seyed Moussavinezhad by Mrs. Ajeena Beegom, Head of the Department, Department of Computer Science as a token of respect and gratitude by the whole student and faculty community of CET.


Venkiteswaran R