Call for Project Proposal for IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Activities

IEEE Region 10 is encouraging to carry out Humanitarian Technology Activities in its sections for the benefit of underserved. IEEE also encourages to form a Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) in the sections and to take up Humanitarian Technology activities. Kindly refer for details on SIGHT and its formations. All the members forming SIGHT are required to register online at .

IEEE Region 10 is inviting proposal(s) on Humanitarian projects from SIGHTs of respective sections of Region 10 to promote HT activities. Region 10 will provide support fund to carry out the project for underserved community in partnership with respective sections.

Following are the salient features of R10 supported HT activities:
–       Region 10 will provide 75% of the cost of the project or a maximum of US$750 in each case. It is expected that 25% of the cost of the project be borne by the respective section.
–       Region 10 will provide support to 8 (eight) select projects.
–       Such projects are expected to be completed in 2012 (Report to be submitted by 15 Dec 2012).
–       The project should clearly outline the aspect of scalability and self sustainability.
–       The project should be proposed by the SIGHT of that section and duly endorsed by the Section Chair.
–       The proposed budget should clearly mention the requirement of the fund from R10, support from the Section and from other sources (if any).
–       The proposal  for the project should be submitted in the following format:
* Name of Project:
* Name of Section:
* Name of Section SIGHT Coordinator:
* Name of Project leader :
* Name of project team members:
* Objective of the project (Maximum 200 words):
* How the project will serve the underserved (Maximum 500 words):
* Project outline (stating what form of Technology being used):
* How the project will be sustainable (Maximum 500 words):
* Proposed date of completion of the project and submission of report: dd/mm/yyyy (the date should not be later than 15 December 2012)
* Total fund required:
o   Support from R10: (75%  of project cost or US$750 whichever is less)
o   Support from the Section: (25%  of project cost or more)
o   Support from any other source (if any):

* Endorsement by Section Chair:  The project has got approval and support of section as detailed above.  (Signature of the Chair)

Please send project proposals to and cc.

Last date of receiving project proposals are 20th April 2012.