• The WIE affinity group of SBCET was approved on May 2010.

  • It was formally inaugurated on 3rd July 2010 by Sharada J, WIE secretary of Kerala Section.

  • As part of the inauguration, a talk on LINUX BASED COMPUTER NETWORKING was conducted by Amarnath Raja, Chairman of CS chapter, IEEE Kerala Section, also humanitarian technology challenge coordinator

  • A workshop on PIC was conducted on 3rd July 2010, by Mr. Joshy Gilbert working at Brain-e-Solutions, Technopark. He gave an explanation of a software program based on PIC along with a demonstration of a analog to digital converter, buzzer.

  • As part of industrial collaboration, a session was conducted by C Padma Kumar, the Managing Director of Thermo Penpol on “how different it is to be an engineer in industry” on the 8thAugust.

  • A group of IEEE volunteers conducted technical awareness sessions, as part of STAR programme at Models Girls High school, Pattom and Govt. High School, Chavadimukku.


OUR VISION-Inspiring their Aspirations

As the students of today and the engineers of tomorrow, we considered it our duty to propagate the thread of vision-to enlighten the school students as to what a true engineer is and to give them a glimpse of the engineering career.

1. Models Girls High school, Pattom

A group of five students of 3rd semester went to provide a general awareness programme about engineering for the students of HSS Model girls school, Pattom.The programme had been intended for the 11thand 12th graders. It was a 5 hour programme and was filled with fun activities. It was conducted in two sessions:

1st session:

The first session comprised on briefing the students about the options available in the field. After the briefing students were given a platform to clear all their doubts regarding what was told as well as their personal queries.It was surely an enlightening session for them as well as for us.

2nd session:

The students were divided into six groups. Each group was asked to market an item. The team with best marketing skills bagged the prize.After the sessions one of the

students thanked us for the Informative session on behalf of all the students.

2. Govt. High School, Chavadimukku

A group of 6 students went to Government high school, Chavadimukku to give a General awareness talk on the latest technologies and its influence on High school students. Initially a group discussion was conducted where the students expressed their opinion on the topic. Each student was given time to express what they felt about the effect of these technologies in our daily life. Later they were divided into 2 groups and they debated on the advantages and disadvantages of using a mobile phone .The session was very interesting and interacting without compromising on the information aspect.


As leaders of tomorrow it was our obligation to the society to inspire the young minds of the various possibilities that the world holds for them. This was indeed a rare opportunity that we as students got to make our small contribution. It was thus a learning experience for both the parties alike.