2010 & 2011 EVENTS




Date: 21th Jan 2010

A paper presentation event was conducted on stealth technology. He pointed about radar technology, different shapes adopted for stealth technology, applications etc

Date: 22nd Jan 2010

A general body meeting and discussion was held to discuss ideas for the Humanitarian project for the HTC Kerala event next month

Jery Althaf, the then Chairman of our SB was selected as the Editor of the first Link Newsletter.

Date: 22nd Jan 2010

IEEE SB CET organised a workshop on PCB DESIGN at the bio medical engineering lab at the college for the IEEE members and non members as well doing their projects for the tech exhibition CETEX.

Date: 18th Jan 2010

The prelims for All Kerala Young Scientist Contest were conducted in the S4 EC classroom. The event witnessed mass participation from IEEE student members. Three students were selected to represent the student branch in the All Kerala Young Scientist Competition later in Feb.

Date: 15th Jan 2010

In the General Body meeting held the new proposed member profiles of IEEE students were launched. After an introduction to the details of the Profiles by Chairman Jery Althaf, it was officially inaugurated by our secretary Jithin George. Software for the same will be programmed later by CSE student Joe Dominic.

5 Students Mark, Joe, Elizabeth, Alka and Reshmi of the student branch attended the WIE meet of HUB 2 & 3 held at FISAT, Angamaly, Ernakulam on the 9th and 10th of January. The branch was the branch with maximum participation for a college from outside HUB 2 and 3.


Date: Jan 27-31 2010

CET was proud to conduct yet another successful event in connection with the 70th year celebrations, CETEX 2010. This five day long technical exhibition started on JAN 27 and attracted a very large crowd. It is estimated that, more than 10,000 students visited the campus for CETEX. IEEE SBCET was proud to put an exhibition stall in CETEX. It consisted of projects developed by the IEEE members of CET.The best product in the EC department was awarded to the one displayed in the IEEE stall. The Student Branch also organized a workshop on PCB DESIGN at the bio medical engineering lab at the college on 22nd January Friday 2010 for helping students with their projects.
Automatic headlight dimmer: A simple product aimed at ensuring road safety. The product was developed by three IEEE members of S4 AE. It requires a very large funding if it has to be implemented in real life.
Mobile controlled home appliances: It enables you to control your home appliances using your mobile phones. The home appliances can be controlled at any moment, anywhere, if you have a mobile phone.
A 3600 dynamic LED display: Avery innovative product developed by three young IEEE members of S4 AE. It used a single set of LED light to display any word by applying the persistence of vision. The product was well appreciated by the public.
Digital Dice: A game using a digital dice was organized in the IEEE stall, which attracted a large crowd. It was called the Luck Testing Device.
Turbo Charger: The most innovative method of producing electricity. This uses the exhaust gases from the automobiles to develop electricity. A turbo charger is a very cheap and effective means to develop electricity.
Solar City: A model illustrating a solar city. It was developed by first year members.
Mosquito Pester: A simple mean to trap mosquitoes.
Traffic lights based on traffic density: Developed by three first year IEEE members. This is a very innovative product, which will revolutionize the roads in India.
Musical Fountain: One of the main attractions of CETEX. It was developed by the IEEE members of electrical department. The fountain was developed in the Ohmsville, in front of the Machines Lab of the Electrical department.


Date: 16th Feb 2010

Lekshmy, a member of IEEE CET group 4 presented a paper on blue tooth technology. She pointed about working of Bluetooth, applications, etc. It was followed by a question answer section.


Date: 18th Feb 2010

logiQ was an aptitude test held attended by mostly first years and had a total participation of about 40 people.


Date: Feb 18th 2010

The first newsletter of our student branch was published by Our Principal Dr. J. Letha. Mr. Privendra Singh of S4 AE was the editor for the issue.


Date: 3rd March 2010

3 members presented topics on the January issue of spectrum – Winners and Losers. The talks were then assessed and speakers were given an opportunity to improve their presentation skills and at the same time technical knowledge was imparted on the students.


Date: 6th march 2010

IEEE, CET student branch conducted its second industrial visit. Around 60 people, comprising mainly of first years accompanied by second years visited VIKRAM SARABHAI SPACE CENTRE (VSSC), THUMBA. Students were taken through the history of ISRO and VSSC and Miniature models of already launched space vehicles and those to launch in future were show. Clips on the launching on GSLV at Suresh Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) .Sriharikotta was played in the mini theatre.
The movie described the day by day progress made in the launching of the vehicle. A video of the successful mission accompanied under the leadership of, the then chairman of ISRO Dr. G. MADHAVAN NAIR, chandrayan I was shown .A model of its MOON IMPACT PROBE was also on display. There was also a fun trip to Veli after the IV. The event coordinator was Mr. Afsar Bin Majeed.


Date: 10th March 2010

FUNDICE!! An event organized by only the first years. It was a modified version of snake and ladders where 6 groups of 2 or 3 students had to answer questions to advance along the course to the finish line. The event was an innovative event and was a huge success.


Date: 12th March 2010

The Annual General Body meeting of IEEE SBCET was held at the EC main seminar hall. The main agenda of the meeting was the annual report and the distribution of prizes and awards to students. There was also the prize and award distributions ceremony.


Date: 22nd March 2010


The IEEE student branch of CET organized the inaugural function of its 26th year anniversary celebrations at the CETAA hall in the presence of the college principal Mrs. J. Letha. Mr. Sasi P.M., Chairman of IEEE Kerala Section was the chief guest. The need for working in IEEE and the benefits of being a member were stressed upon here.


Date: 3rd July 2010

The IEEE SBCET hosted the HUB 1 Officer’s Meet. It was attended by office bearers from CET, GEC, TKMIT, TKM, Amrutha Viswavidyapeetham, IHRD Kottarakkara, MBCET& PAACET. The Agenda of the event were Hub 1 congress presentation & discussion, SB presentation & planning of future activities, STAC outline confirmation, future activities of HUB and feedback session. The HUB 1 congress presentation was taken by Bibin, representing TKMIT. SB presentations were done by CET, TKMIT & TKM.



Date: 3rd July 2010

The WIE affinity group of IEEE SB CET was formally inaugurated on 3 July 2010. The function was held in the CETAA hall and a number of IEEE members participated in the event. Mrs Sharada J, WIE Secretary of Kerala Section inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp. The event witnessed the participation of guests of honour including Mr Amarnath Raja (Chairman, CSI Kerala) and Mrs Mabel Ebinezre (WIE Branch Counsellor).



Date: 3rd July 2010

As a part of the inauguration of WIE affinity group of IEEESBCET, a talk on ‘LINUX based computer networking’ was conducted by Mr Amarnath Raja. The talk was very informative and helped in attracting a number of young minds to the world of LINUX.



Date: 3rd July 2010

A workshop on PIC was conducted by Mr. Joshy Gilbert working at Brain-eSolutions, Technopark. He gave an explanation of a software program based on PIC along with a demonstration of a analog to digital converter, buzzer.


Date: 8th August 2010

As part of industrial collaboration, a session was conducted by C Padma Kumar, the managing director of Therumo Penpol on “how different it is to be an engineer in industry” on the 8th of august.




The STAR PROGRAMME was executed by holding technical awareness session at HSS Model Girls School, Pattom with the aim of imparting a slight insight into technical aspects by a group of five students of s3. The programme intended for the 11thand 12th graders was aimed at imparting an idea to them as to what to expect when it comes to engineering. It was a 5 hour programme and was filled with fun activities. The students were briefed about the options available in the field. Their doubts and personal queries were cleared. A marketing fun programme was also conducted.


Date: 26th -30th July 2010

Electronics week was organised with an intention of giving students an opportunity to apply their knowledge and what they have studied from text books by familiarising with the practical electronic circuits. It was an IEEE platform for students in CET to exhibit their simple electronic hobby circuit projects. More than 60 teams registered. Each day around 15 teams were given chance to exhibit their circuit. The circuits displayed were applications of simple circuit elements like transistors and ICs. Microprocessors and software based components were not allowed. The circuit displayed consists of light dimmers, remote controlled electrical equipments, fire alarm, etc. The circuits were checked and analysed by faculties of the college and evaluated based on the innovation of idea, its level of implementation, know how to trouble shoot and its usage.


Date: 30th July 2010

The closing ceremony and prize distribution of e-week was held at CETAA hall. Mr Suresh Babu, vice chairman IEEE Kerala chapter was the chief guest. The event began with. Then the chief guest distributed the prizes of electronics week. This was followed by an IEEE awareness session for freshers by Mr.Suresh Babu. More than 100 freshers were present. The session helped them to get an idea of how IEEE benefits them, its way of working, need for networking and communication, social commitments and an overall view of engineering as a profession.


Date: 2, 3 October 2010

The IEEE SBCET in association with LINK organized the LINK FEST. The inaugural function was held in the CETAA hall. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Sasi P M, then Chairman, IEEE Kerala Section and presided over by Mr. S. Gopakumar (Chairman, Awards Forum and Adviser to Student Activities). Unfortunately, the event marked little participation from other colleges and even from the LINK team. A meagre 28 students plus the student members of the branch participated in the event (Student members from MES and Younus College of Engineering). The cultural events were held on 2 October 2010, Saturday. They included cartoonize, open quiz, so you think you can dance, treasure hunt (Dragon balls), Mr. and Ms EUPHORIA, solo song and several other informal rounds. A trip to Thenmala on 3 October 2010 was organized for the 2nd day. The trip was fun, and every single one enjoyed it. MES College of Engineering Kuttipuram was awarded the LINKFEST 2010 overall champion’s trophy. The awards were handed over after the fun trip to Thenmala.



Date: 29th January 2011

40 students from the college went on a visit to Kerala Electrical & Allied Engineering Co. Ltd (KEL), Kundara where they were assisted by the employees during the visit. Cast iron and scrap metals were melted in an induction furnace and mild steel was made. The slag is removed occasionally. The various sands used in the foundry process were explained and the ways of mixing them was briefly demonstrated.  Preparations for moulding were demonstrated and the casting process was explained. The preparation of are done there. Pulleys (axial and alternator) and end shields are made here.

Next they visited the alternator section where rotor and stator are made. The 18mm thick steel sheet for yoke is supplied by SAIL. Laminations of mild steel were packed together on the rotor and pressure was applied to reduce air gaps. Likewise laminations of mild steel were used to make stator poles too. The windings were laid on the stator and Kraft paper was used as an insulator.

Then the assembling section was visited where the rotor and stator are assembled together. The whole unit id dipped in hot varnish for insulation and to prevent rusting. Alternators are given colour coding (ivory blue for 4.5kW, navy blue for 25kW etc…).

Finally the testing section was visited where the alternators are checked for their reliability. 12 kW alternators specially designed for powering Janashatabdi Express Trains of Indian Railways is also manufactured here. The final products are given to BHEL, Indian Railways and Military.

After having lunch from KEL canteen, we went to the Adventure Park, Kollam for recreation and thereafter to Varkala beach, Trivandrum.


Date: 28 Feb 2011

A technical writing competition was conducted to enhance the technical awareness and documentation skills of the students



Date: 01 Mar 2011

A Spectrum Quiz was conducted with questions based on the latest issue of Spectrum.



Date: 07 Mar 2011

(Detailed report in WIE Special section)



Date: 17 Mar 2011

IEEE Student branch CET conducted a group discussion on 17th March 2011. This programme was aimed at defining and clarifying the concepts of group discussion and interviews, explaining precisely their components so that the participants/members have a real perception of it. There were 42 participants for the programme including 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. The moderator of the GD was JERY ALTHAF (S8 AE), Ex-Chairman of IEEESBCET. He had got placement offers from 3 companies and is well aware of the concepts and methodologies of GD and Interview.

A no. of model GDs were held. The evaluation of performance of each of the participants was done. The participants really benefitted from the programme. They were able to gather many tips and clear many doubts. They were able to understand their strong and weak points. The winners were given attractive prizes.

The IEEESBCET believe that the programme would really help them to come out with flying colours at real GD and Interviews. It is a common tendency to take GDs and Interviews lying down, consequently many deserving candidates fail to click.


Date: 20 Mar 2011

(Detailed report in WIE Special section)