A vast majority of school students step into undergraduate courses with a vague idea,clearly in oblivion of what quite lies ahead of them. The course of engineering has been able to penetrate down to the masses, especially because of the hype surrounding it, but its purpose still remains unresolved, with students taking it up primarily, and perhaps solely due to compulsion from parents and society. We, as students are obliged to take initiative steps in wiping out this ambiguity and mould a better student society rich in knowledge as well as the passion for the profession. Our venture was to reach out to these high school students and give them a glimpse of what lay ahead of them in the world of engineering and its importance as a prospective career. The STAR programme was one such attempt,held at various schools across Trivandrum with the aim of empowering, inspiring and encouraging girls in the field of engineering.As a part of this noble move, the STAR team received a warm welcome from the faculty and student community of Holy Angels School for girls, Trivandrum.

The programme saw an overwhelming participation of 60 plus students.

Talk Session

A very detailed class was about about the different disciplines of engineering, their scope in our lives and an engineer’s role in the society. Special emphasis was given in displaying the importance of women in engineering and encouraging them to come forward and take part in our noble aim to make this world a better place to live in.

Interactive Session
The session started with a fun oriented introduction among participants and the hosts.The session aimed at unveiling the talents of the students and to make them aware of the importance of networking and socialising in building up confidence to face a similar gathering in their future. The session also saw a tremendous response from the students seeking answers to their innovative questions.

Activity session
Activity session was held to develop certain skills like:
→Observation skill
→Communication skill
→Analysing skill
→Time management skill
In the nutshell, this session helped them in understanding the fact that engineering isn’t confined mere to our academic world but rather it is about analysing the real life situations,observing it from every possible angle and the importance of applying spatial intelligence whenever the situation calls for.
Conclusion and Feedback

The class was concluded with a feedback session between our representatives and the students. The overwhelming feedback about the session taken from the students reflected our sincere efforts taken for inspiring a bunch of rising women.
-Daliya V T