As a part of IEEE SBCET endeavour, a program for 1st year students ,”BEST FRESHER”, was conducted here at College of Engineering,Trivandrum , which saw an overwhelming participation of around 70+ blooming engineers. The 7 days event kicked off from 3rd of January ’12 to 11th of January’12.The event was inaugurated by our former chairperson Ebin Mathews and present chairperson Alka Isac followed by a jovial cake cutting deed involving all present there. The program under the coordination of ever enthusiastic IEEE SBCET 2nd year volunteers, mainly aimed at opening up a small window to the wide world of IEEE and to enhance a friendly relation thereby.

Former chairperson : Ebin Mathews and present chairperson: Alka Isac addressing the gathering.

DAY 1 : 3rd Jan ‘12

After an awesome beginning of inaugural ceremony, a brief introduction about the event as a whole was given by the 2nd year volunteers, viz, Eldo, Sreenath S Das and Amal Balachandran. The EC seminar hall witnessed an active participation of 60+ students for the day’s event – CODING PRELIMS .


Apart from the coding skill, the event also aimed at checking the basic programming skills of candidates in terms of analysing and error debugging. C++, being one of the popular programming languages was selected for the same reason. The one hour written-type event was concluded by announcing a handful of winners for the final round.

DAY 2: 4th Jan’12

Day 2 began with an informative QUIZ event in its prelims stage hosted by Arathy Anil, a quiz whizz herself. An impressive array of 20 questions were presented before a bunch of 50 plus participants. The questions covered equal areas of technical context as well as general issues connecting science with humanity. The quiz event usually considered monotonous to behold now had a different definition to offer, as the event was equally enjoyed by the audiences who were given one special question, each after 5 prelim question session, which let them also put their thinking hats on and win prizes on the spot. The prelims concluded naming 10 winners for the finals.

Participants at Coding finals.

The venue now changed from Comp Science seminar hall to Computer lab for the day’s second event , CODING FINALS. A pile of breakthrough program codes awaited the prelim winners . The complexity of event level made it even more challenging. At the end of the day, Kiran Rajmohan, EC dept., and Amrutha, Comp.Science dept., were declared as the winners.

DAY 3: 5th Jan’12

The day aimed at giving our upcoming techies a platform to discuss and share their views and opinions on various topics through a Group Discussion event. The event under the guidance of Amal Balachandran , observed an active participation of 3 teams of 10.


Participants engaged in discussion.

The event mainly aimed at imparting awareness to the upcoming engineers that their obligations are not confined to the technical world but as well as how technology can be effectively used for humanitarian aspects. They were made to ponder for a moment whether technology and science could be a boon or bane to the society. The panel of judges, Mark D’Souza and Privender, announced the 8 winners on the basis of factors like individual performance ,team corporation, defensive skill and how they justify their points and reasons.

DAY 4: 6th Jan’12

Here goes the saying, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. After days of usual chaos, it was a moment for everyone to let their hair down and have fun at its peak .

The day’s event was “TREASURE HUNT”, a most popular and jovial event . As the name suggests, the point is simple as it is, hunt for fun. After knowing the rules from volunteers Sreenath and Jeff, the participants were divided according to their respective departments. The rules were simple, all they had to do was to hunt for the hidden clues which lead them to the next one and so on in a chain manner, till they get the ultimate one and whichever team comes first wins. Everyone started off the race from the college front. At every endpoint they were supposed to carry out fun and exciting tasks put forward by the respective volunteer in charge to reveal the next clue.

The team of Civil department dug out the final treasure to become the winners of the day with Computer Science people right behind them. Their feedback revealed the fact that they realized how challenging and exciting it is to work as a team. The response was so awesome that they were ready for more. A special mention of all the IEEE SBCET volunteers off and on the screen who made the event not only a grant success but also a cherishable one.

DAY 5: 9th Jan’12

The finale of group discussion event started off with a tech topic related to green technology and humanitarian technology followed by yet another two topics from entirely different context, one being a fun related topic on a certain personality who recently showed up in the show biz just to end up as a laughing stock in the market with his so-called “sense of humour”. The second topic for the discussion was a recent social issue. –Fukushima disaster, an appalling truth. When the entire world condemned this nuclear disaster, it was a matter of disappointment as well as growing concern among community all over the globe, a worth topic to ponder on. The topics brought a keen interest among all, urging them to perform to their best .


Participants engaged in Group Discussion.

The winner Kevin Martin of Comp. Science Dept. , along with two others,viz.Akhil and Arjun Sreedhar of Electronics and Communication were selected for the BEST FRESHER finale.

DAY 6: 10th Jan’12

The final round of QUIZ event ,held at PG seminar hall ,welcomed the 10 finalists to show their real talent under the guidance of quizmaster, Arathy Anil. All the 5 teams had to face a hard session of 20 questions, including a rapid fire round in between. A Rapid fire session was thrown to audience as well, which added more energy to the event.

The winners declared for the day were Aswathy .R.Menon of Applied Electronics and Meghna of Electronics and communication followed by Kiran and Harikrishnan of Mech. Dept. as runners up. These four finalists were selected to show their real bliss at the finale.

DAY 7: 10th Jan’12

The closing day witnessed the same zealous as that of the beginning. The event was made even more special with all the previous BEST FRESHER partakers ready to watch their fellow ones perform under the guidance of in chargers of the day, viz,Osheen .P and Eldo Jacob . The day was not an easy one to seize, with stress-interview, self intro and group activities like “adzap”, live reporting, etc. in the schedule. A hard time indeed, but on the brighter side a better one to bring out the best in them .Though the day was challenging , participants were equally jubilant in giving witty responses every time a tricky and bizarre question was put forward to them. With a great round of applause, Kevin Martin of Comp.Science Dept. , walked out with the title of “BEST FRESHER”. An 8GB Transcend pen drive was given as prize to the winner.

To sum up with, our former chairperson Ebin Mathews accompanied our present chairperson Alka Isac in offering a happy adieu to the “BEST-FRESHER” and also a warm welcome to the freshers into our SBCET IEEE family, and thereafter, a tea party and informal interaction among all . IEEE SBCET takes immense pride in saying, a great culmination to a humble beginning indeed.