India became the world’s third largest Carbon Emitter !

Finally, We have accepted the fact that economic development not possible without Carbon emissions! Speaking at UN talks meet in the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin, Hon. Minister of Environment Mr. Jairam Ramesh said on Monday the country Could not have high economic growth & a rapid rise in carbonemissions now that  the nation was the number three emitter after China & the United States. Where the talks concluded with agreement on following the current phase of the Kyoto Protocol, the key treaty on Climate Change, which expires in 2012.

With the growing demands of energy, middle class people started buying Cars, TVs, & better housing utilities. Therefore Certainly demand will be increased, possibly no more solution to full fill except going with our major energy sources like Coal & Oil and Gas. Again, Coal & Natural Resources like Oil and Gas the main sources of Global Warming as Carbon emissions. As Mr. Jairam Ramesh also said, “India’s rush for wealth could not come at the expense of the environment. Even though, our per capita income still too low compared to West Countries. As officially, this was the first time, when someone from Indian govt. confirmed about the country emission ratios.  Previously, it was assumed that Russia still ahead of green house gas emissions.

“We will unilaterally, voluntarily, move on a low-carbon growth path. We can’t have 8-9 percent GDP growth and high-carbon growth,” Ramesh told from news sources.

Being in the race of developed nation, we are leading with the long term emissions of Green House Gases. No doubt, we can’t stop our growth now on scale of pollution or Green Motion. Even developed nation already came forward with the solutions to curb the emission rates. But what about Poor nations? Are still ready to take step? Which is quite against the economical growth?


World still shaking from economic crisis, while India’s growth rate quite maintained even the losses across the whole world. Whatever will be reason, whether internal politics or something else? But still growth with good potential rate than other countries esp. compared with Western nations.  Fearing with economical growth made Hon Minister to accept the fact of over emissions.

“We are the third largest emitter of the greenhouse gases in the world … China is number one at 23 percent, the United States is second at about 22 percent and India is number three at about five percent.”

As Hon. PM already mentioned on 15th Aug speech that will do everything to curb the rate of carbon emissions. Although, he announced the polices for next few years. But, Still problem is there. Presently, Solar Power seemed as the future key element of renewable source of energy. Over that also, Coal is the backbone of country’s economic growth. Since Coal remains the major energy supplier in the power sector.

Few Questions must be addressed before climate policy get lapse !

  • Sustainable development
  • Country’s Constant Growth Rate
  • Live Long Solution
  • Gross Energy Consumption
  • Green Global Motion
  • Understanding between Public & Private Sectors

Hopefully, someday will able to cut our emission & go ahead with sustainable policies.

News Source: Energy & Oil, Reuters



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