Microsoft Software Offer for IEEE Student members


IEEE, in conjunction with Microsoft, is offering a wide selection of development software to IEEE Student members and Graduate Student members.

Steps to obtain software offer

In order to leverage the IEEE Student Member Microsoft Offer, please follow the steps below:

  • For new students, you can join IEEE online now and click on “Join IEEE as a Student member” (undergraduate or graduate students are eligible).
  • For existing student members, once you renew your membership for 2010, you will be included in this program.
  • Within approximately 8 days of your new application and payment being processed and accepted, a separate e-mail with user account and login information to access your free software will be sent to the e-mail address on your IEEE record.  Please make sure you provide your e-mail address because that is the only way you will receive information about the offer.
  • sample of the e-mail you will receive about the offer is below.
  • Your account information will be sent from <> or <>.
  • Use the login information you receive in the e-mail mentioned above.  You will then be able to download your FREE Microsoft development software.
  • Send any questions and please be sure to include your name and IEEE member number.



Wide range of software available

Software highlights include:

  • Vista Business Edition
  • Visual Studio Team System – “Top of the line” professional development tool!
  • Expression Web Designer
  • Project Professional 2007
  • Visio 2007
  • Windows

To name just a few of the most popular development tools!  A complete list of the software currently available is provided.

One software license per student membership is allowed each year of active IEEE student or graduate student membership. License terms also require that software use is for educational and research purposes only. Students can obtain this software including updates to the latest versions as long as they are active IEEE Student members or Graduate Student members. Please note that the software offered is development software and does not include Microsoft office.

Sample message you will receive

Once you are signed up for this outstanding offer, the message you will receive looks like this from <>:


ELMS for MSDNAA Software Center: This message has been generated automatically from your MSDNAA Online Software System. Please do not reply to this message as you will not receive a response. Please click on the SUPPORT link in your MSDNAA Online Software System for support contact information on your campus.

MSDNAA E-Academy License Management System (ELMS)


Welcome! You have been registered in your university/college ELMS for MSDNAA online software system. Here you can download, purchase and/or check out CDs from a wide range of Microsoft developer tools, servers, and platforms. There is no charge to download and/or check out the software as long as you are an eligible user in the System.

How does it Work?
Your university/college is licensed under the MSDN Academic Alliance Program which enables eligible students and faculty members to access software available under the Program. e-academy Inc., a partner of Microsoft, is providing ELMS for MSDNAA to you. Simply log into the System using your username and password included below and start browsing/ordering the software available to you.

Your MSDNAA Online Software System can be found at:
Your username is : <your_email_address>
Your password is : <will be assigned>

Technical Support
If you have any technical difficulties please contact, please go to the support section in the web site and click on Request Customer Support. Technical support is provided by your MSDNAA Program Administrator at your school.

General Information
If you have general questions about the MSDNAA Program, who is eligible, general rules and regulations, etc., please go to the support section in the web site for contact information.

Please keep this e-mail for future reference, as you will need your username and password in order access the online software system.

Remember, by accessing the Microsoft software through this system you are stating that you are authorized, and are agreeing to comply with all usage guidelines.

e-academy Inc.

end of sample message



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