Industrial Collaboration with Metawing

COMSOC SB chapter has made a Industrial Collaboration with Metawing – an Educational Portal of Blue Nitrogen which has IEEE TechSym 2011 and IIT Kharaghpur Certification.

They offer Industrial training in Robotic Engineering, Ethical Hacking, Aeromodelling etc.


MetaWing is a technology driven company which provides educational services to its vast client base including students and professionals. In addition to providing custom turnkey solutions, they offer comprehensive engineering services in the areas of IT Security and Ethical Hacking, Embedded Robotics, Automotive& Engine Design. They work in collaboration with reputed National and International Universities & Research Institutes to provide training to students in niche technologies. They extend their educational services by conducting technical workshops and industrial training in various engineering colleges and schools to inculcate the spirit of technological advancement in the engineering youth of India.

For more details log on to: Metawing



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