WIE rocks in Pancharakaad!

‘Pancharakaad’-the haven of ‘lovebirds’, is out to be conquered by this ‘All girls team’, for WIE is conducting a tech-talk exclusively for the girls at this stereotyped spot every week. So its farewell to ‘Panchara’ and ‘Tech-talk’ is surely in!!!

WIE started off this programme on March 7th 2011 with a group discussion on ‘Mobile technology and the Spectrum’. What ensued was something we all could hardly comprehend. Defying all notions that Tech is simply not the arena for girls, everyone just came with a plethora of ideas on the topic. There was a participation of 18 students and the encouraging response from everyone is surely going to take this venture to great heights.

Initially, the participants were taken aback by all the people around ogling at them, for this is not a typical sight especially in ‘Pancharakaad’. But this is surely going to change for the session is out to be routine now. The others’ will simply get used to us!!So its cheers to the girls!!



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